Brilliant ways to organize your refrigerator

Brilliant ways to organize your refrigerator   1. Putting large containers on the shelves © timewiththea Simply buy large plastic containers, label them (meats, fish, seafood, etc.), and enjoy a tidy and organized fridge. Visit this website to get even more ideas. 2. Using binder clips for bagged foods © organising with the side of fabulous Now you can […]

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Brilliant tricks that make your life more comfortable

  Brilliant tricks that make your life more comfortable Thinking outside the box can significantly help to make your life a whole lot simpler, helping you to solve many irritating problems and get on with what you really enjoy. Here are 14 little tricks which we’re certain will be useful to absolutely everyone. 1. If you hang a tennis ball from the ceiling down […]


20 simple tricks to keep your clothes and shoes in perfect condition

  20 simple tricks to keep your clothes and shoes in perfect condition Life’s an unpredictable thing. You can end up having problems with such a simple matter as your clothes — you spill wine on a white shirt and can’t get the stain out; a vital button falls off and disappears; those new shoes you bought are too narrow for your feet. But there’s no need […]


Old Timer Treatment for Joint Pain

  This is an old timer recipe for rubbing the ill joints: it treats this illness: radiculitis, arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis – everything connected with joints and bone tissue. Integrities : 300 g of 40% alcohol, 1 bottle of iodine (10 ml), 2 handfuls of peppermint herb. Mix all in one container, and kept in a dark place […]


Plants & Liver Cirrhosis  

  Cirrhosis is a chronic clinical and irreversible liver disease. The most common causes of cirrhosis are viral infection, alcoholism, prolonged obstruction of bile pin system. At first the disease can be completely without symptoms, but later in the nation and symptoms: jaundice, the occurrence of edema, disturbances in hemostasis etc. The ailing get swollen legs, […]